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We provide advanced technological services to reconcile productive activities and the sustainability of agricultural systems.

Evaluation and Modeling of Agricultural Ecosystems

At Byontek, we work to strengthen through technology and scientific knowledge the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, verifying tillage practices, cover crops, the emergence of cash crops, and improvement of soil qualities through:

  • Data Analysis to produce information using satellite imagery and drones ( Lidar, Multispectral) and machine learning enhanced by artificial intelligence to verify the field's historical and seasonal management practices.

  • Ecosystem simulation through crop and environmental modeling to simulate theoretical and real scenarios.

  • Evaluation of soil and crop quality information to support best farming practices, fertilizer and agrochemical loads, crop health, and integration with biotechnology systems for weed control and seed growth.

  • Development of geospatial data warehouses that allow running real-time simulations and metrics to support dynamics linked to environmental conditions and analysis of all variables.

Carbon and Greenhouse Gas Management Analysis

A reliable and comprehensive accounting of the on-farm greenhouse gas footprint is the first step in managing and adopting sustainable practices and transforming those practices into tangible assets. At Byontek, we work with scientists and producers to establish and quantify the carbon footprint.

  • Assessment of total carbon emissions or carbon intensity of crops produced in a single field, a portfolio of fields, or a defined geographical area.

  • Development of Smart Models to determine the impact of regenerative practices.

  • Tracking progress as farmers implement changes in practices.

  • Modeling of total carbon emissions of large geographic areas in real-time, assessing the adoption of regenerative practices, and quantifying progress towards carbon reduction targets.

Support for Verification and Certificacion of Emission Control and Reduction Levels Through MDL Tools

We work to facilitate access to financial incentive programs for farmers promoting regenerative agriculture through Agricultural Land Management (ALM) methodologies.

  • Development and implementation of procedures to estimate greenhouse gas (CO2, CH4, and N2O) emission reductions and removals resulting from adopting improved land and crop management practices.

  • Development of projects to improve agrochemical and fertilizer management (organic or inorganic); water and irrigation management; reduced tillage, planting, and harvesting of crops and improved grazing.

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