BYONTEK Became Aapresid Member

We are pleased to inform you that since June 1, 2023, BYONTEK has been a member of AApresid in the AgTech category.

The Asociación Argentina de Productores en Siembra Directa (Aapresid) is a non-profit Non-Governmental Organization, which, integrated by a network of agricultural producers from the interest in the conservation of its primary resource, the soil, adopted and promoted the dissemination of a new agricultural paradigm, based on no-tillage.

Aapresid is a pioneer in a new model of agriculture that, for over 30 years, has sought to increase productivity without the adverse effects of tillage schemes, promoting sustainable production systems for food, fiber and energy through innovation, science and knowledge management networks.

BYONTEK is proud to collaborate with these initiatives through our strengths in applied science and research and to be part of a network of innovators willing to produce sustainably for a world that needs more and better products while preserving our beloved and unique Earth.