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We offer solutions for the agricultural-livestock sector integrating science-based assessment and advanced technological support to facilitate the transition to sustainable and smart agriculture for companies and producers.

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We are committed to positively impacting a world that needs more and better food.

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The United Nations forecasts that by 2050, agricultural production will need to increase by 70% to feed an estimated 10 billion people. With the status quo, global water supply and energy availability are projected to decline by ~40% and ~50% by 2030, respectively. In addition to climate threats, the above food target is beset by soil degradation, labor shortages, supply chain disruption, and rising energy and agrochemical costs. Therefore, producing sufficient food while preserving water resources, maintaining ecosystem services, and minimizing GHG emissions under climate change conditions is a significant challenge.

At BYONTEK, we are convinced that no single research, production, or business network with its stakeholders can cover the full spectrum of scientific, technological, and economic knowledge needed to reduce the impact of climate change, increase farm capacity and profitability, and take advantage of the opportunities provided by AI-based data analysis to make timely decisions through intelligent analysis and intelligent control of food production systems.

That’s why we work to seek the best scientific, organizational, and technological partnerships. That is why we are proud of our relationship with centers of scientific excellence such as the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, organizations such as AAPRESID, and the use of advanced technology platforms such as Google Earth Engine, Vertex AI, Bigquery, and Looker.

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Carbon farming offers significant climate change mitigation potential but requires the careful implementation of safe and accurate scientific and technical programs with an integrated and systemic approach. It can undoubtedly bring co-benefits to farmers, businesses, and society.

At BYONTEK, we are convinced that farmers can and should also benefit through productivity improvements, cost reductions, and improved farm resilience, resulting in a virtuous spiral toward a more sustainable planet that benefits everyone.


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